March 2021

Be transported by Africa’s most evocative sounds

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Be transported by Africa’s most evocative sounds

Spending unfiltered time in the African wilderness is a multisensory experience and once you’ve immersed yourself in the wonders of the bush, it will live within you forever. Layers of magnificent sights, sounds and smells intertwine to make up the continent’s unique intangible universe and combine to bring you closer to nature, and yourself. 

From the smell of a campfire or the freshness of the earth after a thunderstorm, to the saturated hues of a Serengeti sunset or the unforgettable moment of making eye contact with a leopard – every sense is heightened in the wild. Nowhere will you feel more alive. 

But it’s the sounds of the bush that have the most transportive and evocative effect – either instantly taking you back to a special memory or place, or allowing you to completely breathe in the peace of the present moment.  

The sounds of the bush, both seen and invisible to the naked eye, offer a soul-stirring experience

Maybe it’s the thrill of a lion roaring that resonates with you most, or perhaps it’s the gentle wake-up call of birdsong at daybreak. It could be the contented grunts of hippos, or the rustle of beetles busily going about their business in the undergrowth. The sounds of the bush are a reminder of the complexity and miracle of nature – both visible and hidden from sight.  

Soundtrack of the bush 

The Sounds of Singita playlists allow you to tap into this symphony at any time of the day and transport you directly to the wilderness, wherever you are in the world. Designed with a great many uses in mind, the playlists are perfect for getting into a positive headspace at the beginning of the day, to help you drift off to sleep, to inspire and more. 

Since the very first recordings of bush and bird sounds compiled by Ross and Lindsay Couper – Singita’s photography and videography team – the concept has grown into a comprehensive audio library on Soundcloud that also includes melodic and soul-stirring vocal and instrumental tracks. The current selection of playlists ranges from nature recordings gathered on bush drives to The People of Singita’s voices raised in song. There’s also a mindfully curated library of guided and directed mediation tracks – a symphony of sounds encapsulating the spirit of Singita.  

Singita’s immersive approach embraces continuous opportunities to create nurturing spaces. As part of the ever-evolving enhancement of Singita’s inimitable guest experience, which seeks to restore calm and foster true wellness, we’ve added this deeply relaxing sound journey to our in-room offering. A Singita safari awakens your senses as you explore and discover the wilderness, while the serene surroundings of your suite – surrounded by nothing but nature – invites a complete sense of calm, with our audio library reinforcing each sensation. It allows guests to incorporate evening guided meditations, early morning mindfulness sessions or ambient background sounds into their stay –  from calming and centering your mind with birdsong, energising your spirit with the celebratory sound of singing, or setting your intentions for peaceful sleep with contemplative mediations. 

The Sounds of Singita playlists on Soundcloud range from celebratory singing, to soothing meditative tracks and calming birdsong

Now, a new series inspired by the healing power of the African wilderness will further add to the sensory journey of sound found throughout Singita. Entitled 60 Seconds of Calm, these evocative clips are designed to keep our community connected to the bush – even if only over social media until they can return to Singita once again. 

Keep an eye out on our Instagram page for snippets of 60 Seconds of Calm, and for the full library of transportive tracks, visit out Soundcloud page here> 




By Julia Freemantle

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