February 2021

Singita Pamushana: February 2021


Singita Pamushana: February 2021

The rains continue and the dams spill every time it rains. Driving through the bush is like wandering through a maze the vegetation is so high! But we have started to notice the change in season coming on. The temperatures are slowly dropping, and the days are contracting slightly. It’s butterfly season here which is simply a delight! 

We are so looking forward to guest check-ins in the near future. We are as impatient to guide you as you are to join us!

Here is a snapshot of February’s sightings: 


  • The Chiloveka Pride has been frequenting the southern side of Mahande Loop which is the northern end of their territory. The male from this pride has been seen a few times on his own patrolling his territory. He was last seen on the Binya Road near the Mahande Bridge. 
  • The River Pride has been spending time between the swamps and Hippo camp area.


  • White rhino sightings this month have been more extensive around the Hwata and Mahande Loop areas as well as around Southern Straights Road. The regulars still make appearances in the evenings at Banyini Pan.
  • Staff had a wonderful sighting of a crash of seven white rhinos at a pan in the north east.
  • Black rhino sightings have been very scarce this month, most sightings have been seen on foot between Chimize Highway and Buffalo Fence Road.


  • There have been a few sightings of big elephant bulls frequenting different parts of the Chiredzi River.
  • There was a large breeding herds of elephants enjoying the cooling waters of Sosigi Dam during the heat of the day.


  • The large buffalo herds have been seen frequenting the area between Ganyaan Loop and Orphan Road. You have never seen buffalo so healthy and fat! 
  • Many different groups of old battle-axe buffalo bulls are seen regularly.

Wild dogs:

  • There was one Africa wild dog seen this month at the end of Access Road.

Cheetah & Leopards

  • Without game drives going out, and with the grass being so long and the roads so muddy, we haven’t spotted any spotted cats this month. As soon as we begin dedicated game drives and tracking again we’ll start recording sightings of these somewhat elusive felines.

Plains game:

  • The plains game is absolutely fantastic! Nice big journeys of giraffe and herds of eland are the order of the day on Banyini at the moment.


  • You cannot believe the size of tiger and bream that the young fishing fanatics on the property are catching! The have been perfecting their skills with different types of baits, jigs, lures and flies – and then releasing their trophies to fight another day.

Read the full wildlife report here:

By Jenny Hishin
Author / Guest Guide