January 2021

Singita Grumeti: January 2021


Singita Grumeti: January 2021

January has been a very interesting month with rather a lot of rain, once again. The Grumeti River flows steadily, her waters rising now and then but often settles once again on her gentle course. The grass on the property continues to grow considerably making things challenging for a number of reasons but, none the less, incredibly exciting and as always, here on the Singita Grumeti, the wildlife astounds. 

Here’s a sightings snapshot for January:


  • The lion sightings have been great with some amazing interactions.
  • The Butamtam Pride’s young cubs of the last few months continue to do very well, moving from strength to strength.
  • Two young male lions have been sighted regularly on Sasakwa Hill.
  • The large pride of the Nyabehu River was sighted this month from the air, which was lovely.
  • The Nyasirori Pride have moved a little way from Sabora and down to the Raho drainage.
  • A single lioness with her two five-month-old cubs have been seen on Sasakwa Hill from time to time. This lioness had been hiding her cubs in the valley to the north of the horse stables.


  • The leopard sightings this month have been good with a number of sighting on Sasakwa Hill of three different individuals.
  • We have had some great interaction with the Grumeti North Drainage male this month.
  • The Grumeti North female and daughter have also been sighted close to the Grumeti North Hill and appear fit and well.


  • Cheetah sighting this month have been good, despite the challenging conditions.
  • The Sasakwa plains male has been seen on a number of occasions, not too far from the dam.
  • A female of the Nyasirori high ground, close to Sabora, has been observed hunting Thompson’s gazelles regularly, providing some great viewing and photographic opportunities.
  • The balloon launch area of the reserve has also seen at least two individuals utilising the area for hunting.


  • Spotted hyena sightings have been great, especially as you would imagine in the Nyasirori high ground area where clans form the bulk of the large predator numbers.
  • Good spotted hyena numbers were observed in the marsh area, central Singita Grumeti Reserve.


  • Great herds of elephant have been observed this month as they roll across extensive grass plains, sometimes 200 strong in their aggregations. We have seen many impressive bulls joining the herds making for incredible viewing.
  • Great numbers observed from the Grumeti River all the way through to the western reaches of the property.
  • A number of matriarchal herds continue to be viewed very close to Sasakwa lodge. They provide a beautiful way to start the early mornings as you descend with your guests onto the plains.
  • The number of large bulls trailing the herds is incredible making for some really great sightings.


  • Fantastic buffalo viewing this month of herds 700 strong out on the plains.
  • The herds are often accompanied by hundreds of cattle egrets making for great contrast in colours and photographic bliss.
  • Amazing herds sighted up in the central region.


  • The rhino continue to naturalise well upon the reserve.
  • We have seen quite considerable dispersion; however, the animals are strong and well.
  • Victory and Eddy have been establishing themselves mainly upon the Nyamamba drainage, a stone’s throw from Bangwezi.

Plains game

  • Large herds of zebra have been observed in the southern parts of Singita Grumeti as they surge over the boundary with the Serengeti and onto the Nyati plains.
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By Jenny Hishin
Author / Guest Guide