November 2020

Find Healing in the Soothing Sounds of the African Bush

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Find Healing in the Soothing Sounds of the African Bush

Sound is a particularly emotive part of the safari experience and the auditory memory of the bush can evoke moments of soothing calm, thrilling excitement and profound emotion. The echo of these moments stays with our guests for a lifetime, often transporting them back to the African plains and the unforgettable experience of being immersed in raw, unfiltered nature. We set out to capture some of these sounds to share with you at home and use as the backdrop for guided meditations, in calming playlists or simply to use as the soundtrack to your day.

Bird Sounds
One of the first things guests hear upon waking, which is usually just before sunrise if they’re going on a morning game drive, is the dawn chorus; a charming combination of chirps, whistles and sing-song calls that herald the new day. While out in the bush, the distinctive squawk or chatter of a bird can give away its species and location, as well as being a useful tool for alerting us to the presence of a well-camouflaged predator moving through the area. Some calls are as iconic as the bush itself – the haunting cry of the African Fish Eagle, the raucous screech of a Hadeda Ibis and the characteristic “churring” of a Fiery-Necked Nightjar under a full moon.

Out in the Wilderness
Many of the sounds associated with an African safari are heard while exploring the wilderness on a game drive. The crunch of tyres on sand and the low rumble of the engine soon fade into the background as the symphony of nature is dialed up. A drive along the water is often accompanied by grunting hippos, trumpeting elephants and twittering waterfowl, while the deep-throated crack of an afternoon thunderstorm is followed by the pitter-patter of raindrops on the Land Rover’s canvas roof. As night falls, Africa’s crepuscular and nocturnal wildlife lend their voices to the medley of nature sounds – a lion bellowing to his pride across the savanna, a pack of hyenas giggles and whoops, and a scops owl makes monotonous, quivering chirrups in the distance.

Guided Meditations and Sound Therapy
Whether waking up amidst the hustle and bustle of one of the world’s biggest cities, setting off on a stressful commute or preparing for a busy day, our guided meditations set to the sounds of the African bush offer a centering practice to help you find stillness. Imagine yourself on the banks of a river, dipping your toes in the cool water and taking a moment to find the space to exist in a state of quiet but focused observance. Calming breathing exercises help to build self-awareness and relieve anxiety, while positive visualisations set the tone for a day full of gratitude, creativity and abundance. This playlist also includes a series of Sound Therapy tracks that use soothing frequencies inspired by the wilderness to rebalance the body’s energy in times of unease or disquiet.

Voices of Singita
The warm heart of Africa is perhaps best expressed by the uplifting voices of our choir; the gifted men and women who serenade our guests during boma evenings, surprise bush dinners under the stars and as an interlude to fireside storytelling. Their harmonies breathe life into traditional songs that describe life in the bush, memories of love and loss, and what it means to be part of the continent’s rich and storied cultural tapestry. Equally inspiring is the rhythmic anthem of anti-poaching scouts singing while undertaking a training run through the reserve, keeping each other’s spirits high and never missing a beat.

Embracing the healing power of sound and finding moments of mindfulness and quiet reflection away from the distractions of technology help our guests to reconnect with nature and regain balance. In fact, engaging with all the senses while on safari is an important element of the experience, allowing guests to be fully present and absorb their surroundings, while nurturing their own happiness and wellbeing.

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Julia Freemantle
By Julia Freemantle

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