October 2020

Connecting Guests with the Heart of the Serengeti

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Connecting Guests with the Heart of the Serengeti

It’s very early in the morning at Singita Sabora Tented Camp. Birds are stirring as dawn approaches and wisps of cloud are tinged pink with the promise of sunrise. Guests emerge from their suites filled with anticipation of their first game drive of the day, and head to the main lodge area for a steaming cup of coffee. Among the expert trackers and Field Guides greeting them is Musa Machomba – a Learner Guide with a love for birds, a deep understanding of the Serengeti ecosystem, and a wholehearted devotion to the preservation of this unspoilt wilderness.

Born in a small village near Singita Grumeti, Musa’s enduring love for the wildlife and wilderness of the continent has been a guiding light in his life since childhood. Fascinated by the rhythms of nature, he spent most of his formative years in the fields alongside his father, a farmer, learning more about animals, birds and plants. It awakened his passion for the African bush and led to him completing a two-year guiding course in Arusha, before returning to the Serengeti to join Singita as a Radio Room Operator.

Yearning to be immersed in the wide-open spaces of the Serengeti, Musa enrolled in an online course at the Singita Academy, working hard to complete a curriculum encompassing everything from Bush Knowledge to Guiding Guest Service. While broadening his knowledge and honing his skills, he was able to seamlessly transition into a role that allowed him to heed his life’s calling – becoming a guide at Singita Grumeti paved the way to continue the journey he started as a child, and for continuous discovery to unfold.

With an unquenchable thirst for learning, Musa is in his element when he’s scouring the savannas for interesting sightings on game drives, and he views every encounter as an enriching experience. Connecting guests with the magic of the wilderness and its wildlife, his knowledge captivates and his passion transforms them. This warmth is at the heart of the guest experience in Singita Grumeti, and the foundation of safaris that offer an authentic link to the land.

An endless expanse of savannahs and low-slung hills, bisected by the perennial Grumeti River, Singita Grumeti is truly immense. It’s protected and conserved through the tireless efforts of the Grumeti Fund, Singita’s conservation partner in Tanzania, who have transformed the area to ensure thriving game populations year-round, and also restored its indigenous biodiversity, which brought with it the return of the Great Wildebeest Migration.

This astounding wildlife experience, paired with exclusive access – only Singita’s staff and guests are permitted to traverse the reserve – creates an environment of restorative calm and sanctuary. Exuding a sense of place, Singita Grumeti offers the freedom to find your own space and stillness, surrounded by nothing but nature.

It is here, bringing the layered beauty of these rolling grasslands and plains to life with his knowledge, passion and warmth, that Musa’s story inextricably links to the story of the Serengeti, and weaves into Singita’s legacy as we continue our journey to help safeguard the future of this wilderness.

Set at eye level with passing wildlife and offering sweeping views, the newly reopened Singita Sabora Tented Camp embraces the needs of a new kind of traveller. Each of the nine tented suites features a private meditation deck and secluded outdoor sala with daybeds – epitomising the essence of grounded solitude.

The completely reimagined guest experience at Singita Sabora Tented Camp highlights the healing power of nature and the importance of mindfulness, allowing for a truly unique adventure in Africa’s most iconic landscape. For enquiries or to make a booking, please contact enquiries@singita.com »

By Julia Freemantle

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