Kruger National Park | September 2020

Time in the bush

As the national lockdown continues, Singita Kruger National Park hasn’t received any guests yet. At least 45% of staff from various departments are on site to look after the property.…
Kruger National Park | September 2020


The 15th of September was my first day back at work after five and a half months off site. During the lockdown period, I was missing our daily routine of…
Kruger National Park | September 2020

A walk on the wild side

On Saturday the 12th of September I was one of seven Singita Kruger National Park staff members that went on a multi-day walking trail and sleep-out. Our intrepid explorer team…
Kruger National Park | September 2020

Singita Kruger National Park

September marks the start of springtime and it is evident in every direction you look.
Kruger National Park | August 2020

Is it calling me?

Being a field guide during this strange time has been a learning curve, but there has also been joy in discovering a different perspective, slowing down and finding bliss in…
Kruger National Park | August 2020

Background beauty

We as guides here on the Singita concession in the Kruger National Park have been extremely grateful for the time that has been given to us to go out into…
Kruger National Park | August 2020

The ghosts and the darkness

With COVID 19 causing major disruptions to the hospitality and tourism industry, we have had no guests at the lodges since mid-March. The resulting impact gave us as guides the…
Kruger National Park | August 2020

Singita Kruger National Park

August is known as the “windy month” and we’ve had several days where high speed winds churned up clouds of dust, and loosened the remaining dry leaves clinging on to…
Kruger National Park | July 2020

Rhinos trotting to extinction

If life on earth could be expressed on a 24-hour clock, where the 24th hour is our present day and age, humans would have been on earth from roughly 23:58:43.