The waterhole heavyweights

Pamushana | October 2016

These three elephants marched into sight with great confidence and purpose. They were at the waterhole to drink and have some fun. They lined up side by side, and dipped their trunks into the water. After a few gurgling glugging swallows they waded knee-deep into the water to splash around a bit.

At the far end of the dam there were two white rhinos peacefully minding their own business and having a
calm sophisticated sundowner. Alright, that’s not entirely true, but they were just sipping slowly and quietly.

The elephants spied a good muddy inlet behind the rhinos and sploshed through the water, belly-deep, all the
way to the far end of the dam where the rhinos were. Bringing up the rear was the largest of the three
elephants – the ringleader and bully. He thought it was great fun to spur his brother along by poking him in the
bottom, with his tusk. This is entirely true, he was doing it for no other reason than to annoy, harass, pester
and provoke.

The elephants exited the water, snuck around behind the rhinos and dived into the mud, sending plumes of it
flying. For this they received a dirty look of disdain from one of the rhinos. The elephants so enjoyed spraying
mud on to themselves that they even sat down in the wallow and slid about from side to side. Eventually the
one rhino felt things were far too boisterous and, like most of us, preferred not to get squashed by a muddy
elephant, so it moved off a few steps and stared at the mammoths with utmost indignance at their undignified

Here’s a series of photos to describe this tale and prove that I really haven’t embellished it too much!