The touch of nature

Sabi Sand | December 2019

One of the most incredible aspects of being on safari is that it enables you to become a part of your environment and really does draw you closer to nature. This is where walking in the bush is possibly one of the most special activities you can take part in. A walk is not just a simple stroll in the park but rather one that brings all of your senses to life, without you even realizing it you are taking in so much more of what actually surrounds you. Not having the sound of the engine from the vehicle allows for one to listen to the symphony of the calls of Africa, from the smaller birds and insects to the unmistakable whoop of hyena calling in the distance. As you walk in the early morning you can hear to bush awakening and coming to life as the new day breaks.

From the vehicle, you get the privilege of viewing the animals in their natural habitat and are able to watch some amazing interactions take place. Once you leave the vehicle and go on foot it changes everything and you are now put into the animal’s shoes. As you move swiftly yet quietly through the bush, you can get a closer look at the smaller aspects such as the wild flowers and the surrounding vegetation as well as some of the insect life. One aspect that really stands out for me on a walk is the track and signs that the various species leave behind. I have always said that in the city you can get a newspaper to let you know the daily news. Out in the bush we look at the ground that tells a story and this to us is the equivalent to reading the papers. From looking at the signs, one can see who did what and where they went during the unwatched hours of the night.

Being on foot does leave you feeling more venerable but also gives you a sense of comfort at the same time, it allows for us to go back to our roots and really become part of the environment as a whole. When you are walking on a game trail and look down and see yourself standing the footprint of an elephant, this becomes a magical moment as you are walking in the path of the largest land mammal in the world.

We are fortunate enough to be able to get the opportunity to get on foot and this is largely due to the conservation effort performed by Singita. By protecting these large tracks of land and taking care of the environment. From managing the area to allow for the animals to roam freely in their own environment as well as protecting the fauna and flora and allowing for the area to be the best that it can be. Walking is truly a magical experience in the bush.