The Southern Pride

Pamushana | October 2019

The Southern Pride is a pride of seven – three lionesses, one male and three cubs. The cubs are about a year and three months old, and all are currently in good condition and well fed.

The pride specializes in killing dagga boys, and this year alone they have killed seven buffalo bulls around the Hwata / Chiloveka area.

These lions have got a big territory – they cover Hwata, Chiloveka and the Chavagwiza areas.

Six years ago the pride had four lionesses, two cubs and two males, and their territory covered Banyini and Nyari areas, but there was a fight between the River Pride, which had sixteen lions at that time, and the Southern Pride. The Southern Pride lost the battle on the Banyini and were pushed south where they now live in the southern part of the Malilangwe Reserve. I have not seen the other male and three lionesses for a long time, and I think they may have moved further south into the Gonarezhou National Park.

These photos are of the cubs, who are becoming relaxed and nonchalant around the game-viewer vehicles, and one of the magnificent lionesses that keeps a very close eye on the pride’s greatest pride – the new generation.