Singita Grumeti

Grumeti | December 2012

Leopards and hyenas are infamous enemies and when these two species cross paths there is a good chance that an action-packed exchange will take place. One evening in December, guides Adas Anthony and Saitoti Ole Kuwai were watching two leopards in separate trees not far away from one another – the Raho male and a skittish female. These two leopards had no connection with each other apart from the fact that they happened to be close by. A sighting like this is extremely special in itself, but even more was to come. The Raho male had the remains of a kill with him in the tree, belly-full from what he had already eaten. The female also had a full belly, but the onlookers did not see a kill in her tree. They assumed it had fallen below, but dusk had descended and it was too dark to see anything on the ground. Not much later a hyena showed up. He soon confirmed the assumptions when his incredible sense of smell led him directly under the tree where the female leopard was perched, and he picked up a half-eaten impala carcass.