Singita Grumeti

Grumeti | September 2011

And then they were gone…

The vast herds of wildebeest have moved on, leaving a void of emptiness and quiet. The constant calling and ever present multitudes that were here such a short while ago seemed to disappear overnight. The reminders of their passing are the orphans and young calves that got separated from their dams, or the odd bull looking and calling mournfully for a cow, or searching in vain for a harem.
They have moved on in search of “greener pastures”, an endless circuit that takes them to where they will find food and water to feed the masses. A search that is never ending but one that will take them back to areas they have visited for millennia.  Some of these areas enjoy the full protection of all wildlife, whilst others have only a token protection. Despite this they succeed, for how long though………..?