Singita Grumeti

Grumeti | July 2011

July was a dry month which is not unusual for this time of year but despite this there was excellent game viewing all over the concession. The wildebeest migration, which had left us towards the end of June, wandered back in smaller herds in search of food and water. This time the movement was unorganized, with large herds heading in all directions.  Some had made the trek to the Mara, others had not got that far, some headed for the Grumeti River to our west and others headed south.

Unlike June though there were many other large herds of animals around, most of which had moved in behind the migration, zebra by their thousands formed long columns across the plains as they headed to water holes.  Small herds of topi joined up and it wasn’t long before we were seeing herds that numbered over two thousand.