Singita Grumeti

Grumeti | April 2012

The rivers and drainage lines burst their banks; new rivers formed where only before there had been a hint of a fold in the ground; and the dams and waterholes are filled to the brim. Waterholes and puddles created dazzling spots all over the plains.  Sasakwa dam, which was washed away in December last year was repaired and in one cloudburst was filled to capacity.

The growth and abundance of water drew the herds in from wherever they had scattered to in search of food and water.  Now the plains are covered with thousands upon thousands of topi, zebra, tommies, impala and buffalo. A guarantee of excellent game viewing for the rest of the year. The animals have started giving birth and everywhere there are lambs and calves.  Nurseries of young can be seen literally everywhere on the concession.