Singita Grumeti

Grumeti | July 2012

The wildebeest are still here, they have been on the concession since mid June and at the moment it does not look like they will be leaving any time soon and with the extensive rains we have had there is a lot of food and water still available for them. Herd of zebra are seen with the wildebeest; often these two species are found together. They share grazing and water and, at the same time, mutually benefit from the extra eyes and ears that can give the alert for when there are predators around. If they hear any unusual sounds when they are drinking a mass stampede will ensue as all the animals bolt for the safety of the bank. The herds are at one of their most vulnerable stages when drinking. River crossings have perils other than crocodiles, exhausted animals flounder and drown. It is interesting to note that the wildebeest do not react to hyena in the same way they do to the other predators like lion, leopard and cheetah.