Singita Pamushana

Pamushana | November 2011

The rain arrived in all its glory on the first of this month, and not a drop has gone to waste! It’s like all the plants and trees have sprung an overnight surprise party of green on the rain’s command. Creamy baobab flowers litter the entrance to the lodge, little chicks have hatched and many plains game have given birth to lambs, calves and foals, or are about to – as you’ll read in a later story. But first I have been champing at the bit to share the news of the latestarrival of felines with you – and there is no sane person on this planet that can deny that these are the most adorable long-legged cheetah cubs!

Fast and Furriest

Why are young animals so cute? What makes us want to scoop them up in our arms and protect them forever? Their big watery eyes, wobbly first steps and rambunctious play… but that’s an essay on evolution for another time…