Singita Pamushana

Pamushana | August 2012

August has offered arguably the best wildlife sightings we’ve witnessed – not only from the “Big 5” but from other rare and endangered African animals too – a pack of wild dogs has returned to the property, the cheetah population is growing and our guests even got the extraordinary privilege of seeing a pangolin. There are photographs to share with you, but two sightings that evaded digital capture came as bolts from the blue – the first when two African hawk eagles hunted cooperatively and killed a guinea fowl, and the second when a magnificent crowned eagle snatched a dassie in its deadly talons. There are two very similar species of dassies that occur here – the rock dassie (Procavia capensis) and the yellow-spotted rock dassie (Heterohyrax brucei), both of which are familiar sights on the pathways and rocks surrounding the lodge. There are some youngsters about at the moment, and they are a constant delight as they hop about, chase one another, test their climbing skills on precariously thin tree branches, and then run back to the safety of their mothers.