Singita Pamushana

Pamushana | September 2020

We have experienced a few sizzling days that have reached 41 degrees Celsius. Then we had a period of two days where we received enough rain to get the grass and plants shooting. Thrown into the mix were a few very windy days and several cool overcast days, so September has really been four seasons in one. It is this month that is the busiest time for flowering trees and plants, so all things are bright and beautiful.

Here is a snapshot of September sightings:


  • A single male lion, the male with the scar under his right eye, was seen at Nduna.
  • There has been a fair amount of activity at night around the Nduna Dam with the lions being very vocal.
  • The River Pride has been seen on Banyini and frequenting the Chiredzi River.


  • A female leopard was seen at the Acropolis on two occasions.
  • A male leopard was spotted because his impala ram kill was seen in a tree at Simbiri. He was watched all day until the carcass was finished.
  • Another male leopard was seen on the Hippo Valley side of the river with an impala ram stashed in a tree. The leopard left the scene and no doubt returned in the cloak of darkness to finish off his feast.

Wild dogs:

  • The dogs have been seen this month at Kwali area and at Nduna at the top end of the dam. They have puppies with them!


  • Hyena are a common sight around most of the property early evenings and mornings. There is a small clan that has taken up residence inside one of the rain drain pipes under the Binya Road in the Mahande area.


  • White rhino sightings continue to be very good, especially in the grasslands and around permanent waterpoints.
  • Black rhinos have been seen on a few occasions along the roads that straddle the hills. They are also a common visitor after dark at Hwata Pan, and there seems to be an increase in activity at Lojaan Dam.


  • This month three elephant bulls have started feeding in the West Valley and Croc Creek area. There is a group of seven big bulls that frequent Banyini Pan in the midday heat.
  • The cow herds are seen more often and are a frequent sight at Sosigi Dam, the top end of the Malilangwe Dam and around the Chirdezi River and swamp area.


  • The small herd of buffalo is visiting Sosigi Dam daily, as are a small group of dagga boys.
  • There are two large herds drinking frequently at Nduna Dam, one herd arrives from the north west and the other usually comes in from the south. The herd from the south are often spotted following the Orphan Road south of Nduna.
  • A group of five dagga boys can been seen in the early mornings and again at last light at the Nyamasikana Crossing.

Boat cruises & fishing:

  • Several cruises and fishing trips have gone out this month.
  • Some big tigerfish have been caught and there has certainly been an increase in bream fishing with several bream over 5 lb caught. They are mostly red-breasted, Mozambique and three-spot bream, and some of them have been caught on fly in the shallows.

Walks and rock art

  • This month we are up to 123 rock art sites. We have covered over 204.6 km on foot, to date.

Read the full wildlife report here: Singita Pamushana Journal September 2020