Singita Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park | March 2011


Winter is slowly creeping in through the front door whilst summer is making an exit through the back. The colors are turning and the leaves form a bed of brown underneath the large deciduous trees. The rains are less frequent and pans are drying up into nothing more than churned up mud. Game viewing has been superb. Three new lion prides are frequenting the area south of Shingwenyana crossing. This area has been void of lion activity for the past year and is rich in animal life. It will be the centre stage for the winter spectacle where hundreds of animals drink daily from the remaining pools in the river.If these prides can cement their territories within the next two months they will surely reap the rewards. The most exciting discovery of the month was two tiny two-week-old cheetah cubs. Guides followed the mother towards a thicket in the heart of the concession, and spotted the cheetah cubs after hearing them softly call to their approaching mother. Read through the rest of this journal for some more exciting encounters.