Singita Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park | March 2012

The Mountain Pride is in better condition than ever before. For most of the month they have been focusing on the areas in the north. They frequent the tall grass north of Mangwa all the way up to the northern break. Prey is readily available in these regions during the daytime and they simply need to move into the eastern drainage line and open areas to the east to feast at night. They now kill almost everyday as the needs of the 19-strong pride are high. It does now seem eminent that the older darker-manes male has split up with the pride for good. His handsome younger counter-part now assumes the role as pride male. After his fight with 5 males last month he has recovered fully and is in amazing condition. We hope that the lionesses will come into heat soon. This may cause some trouble for this male as he will have to defend his territory by himself, but he is strong and has a fighting spirit. Regardless, exciting times are ahead for the Pride of Lebombo.