Singita Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park | January 2012

For such a long time the infamous Mountain Pride reigned and ruled as the largest pride within our territory. Well, all good things come to an end. Introducing the magnificent Shishangaan Pride in full force. They are 25 members strong, excluding a male lion coalition of 5! Can you believe it? We too are amazed every time this pride walks on to the concession. To see as many lions together is something very few have ever laid eyes upon. A true super pride they are. Attached are some images to celebrate this incredible group of lions. Most of the lions, 15 in total, are still young and this pride will more than likely split into two when demand for food becomes too high. Imagine what it takes to keep all of these bellies full?  De-throned as the largest pride within our boundaries, the Mountain Pride seems to be making up for “lack” of size by sheer presence. They have been such a joy this month. Some of the highlights included two buffalo kills. The Mountain Pride is never too eager to confront these grey giants. Perhaps driven by the pressure from hungry cubs the lionesses have developed a strategy to hunt Cape Buffalo.