Singita Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park | November 2011

These two cubs have come a long way with us at Singita Kruger. A little over a year ago Ian Weerepas, one of the Field Guides here, spotted them in the north of the concession. They were about seven months old and very skittish. They have since made their home within the concession and are in amazing condition. This region of Kruger is not an easy area for cheetah to live within. It has arguably the highest lion density in Africa.  Lions and cheetahs do not mix well as lions are their number one foe and would kill a cheetah at every opportunity.

These two cheetahs have enjoyed the winter absence of the large Mountain Pride within the open grasses of the depression. With the Mountain Pride back it will be interesting to see where they might move to. Also being brother and sister they will soon split up and we can only hope that they do not disperse far from us