Singita Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park | August 2011

The winter chill has finally left us until next year and instead made space for some lovely warm weather. Temperatures are already reaching mid-thirties by noon and we still have four months until the hottest months arrive. Conditions are still dry and harsh. Water is still limited to the three main bodies spread out across the concession.

We did feel the soothing touch of a short spell of rain, but not nearly enough to bring long-term comfort to this dry land’s inhabitants. Exciting news is that we have a few newcomers to the concession. The large Shishangaan pride is spending more and more time on the property. The day we have all been waiting for was the introduction of their cubs.

We have only heard rumors about a large number of cubs but nothing could have prepared us for our first meeting. All in all the pride share 18 little cubs between 9 lionesses! That brings the pride size up to 27! Unbelievable!