Singita Lamai

Lamai | February 2016

Despite the grass being lengthy in February the wildlife at Singita Lamai played it out of the park this month! There were a lot of great general game sightings to be had, and in particular there were some terrific sightings of large journeys of giraffe to be seen throughout the month.

Migration: Even thought the migration is a few months away, the resident groups of wildebeest and zebra were seen in good numbers scattered along the Kampi Kampi plains. Joining them there were reasonable herds of topi and gazelles. The reason for the attraction to this area has to be the spring-fed stream that runs to the west of the plains (we have yet to learn the official name of this stream as no-one we have spoken to knows for sure). This provides good water for the herds without the worry of encountering those ravenous crocodiles that are found in the Mara River.

This area consistently delivers good game viewing year round. With all the general game that abounds here one is certain to find a concentration of predators, and this is most definitely the case. Good leopard, lion and cheetah sightings are prevalent along the banks of this stream.

 Lions: Although there weren’t a tremendous amount of lion sightings this month, there was some great action to be had.

Mating lions are always big attractions for guests visiting the wilds of Africa. The reason for this is that when lions mate it is typically accompanied by a fair amount of growling and a little bit of aggression, particularly from the lioness’s side. Added to this, when in the height of the mating frenzy, lions can copulate at a rate of every 15 to 20 minutes. And that is just what Francis and his guests got to witness while out on drive one day.

Another cherished item on many guests’ wish list is baby animals, and there is not much that is cuter than lion cubs. If there is the possibility of seeing cubs then it has to be done! Bernard managed to close out the month by seeing a female lion with two little bundles of cute.

Cheetahs: Cheetah sightings were stable for the month. Sightings consisted of the usual suspects: the mother cheetah with her four sub-adult cubs and the coalition of two brothers.

The four sub-adult cheetahs are growing up quickly and it’s only a matter of time before their mother runs them off and goes into season again. Missing this month was the mother cheetah and two tiny young cubs seen in January. Hopefully they are well and we will see them in the months to come.

 Elephants: Once again elephants provided the bulk (excuse the pun) of the month’s sightings. With the Mara River and its tributaries providing both water and great quality fodder in the form of lush vegetation along the banks, we were not short of sightings. The beauty of having a camp situated at the confluence of the Mara and a tributary is that regularly one can sit in the ‘confines’ of the camp and watch (with a drink of your choice in hand) as these giants move along feeding and drinking in total peace… just the way that they should.


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