Singita Lamai

Lamai | November 2015

November’s weather was often cloudy and rainy. By the second week of the month, the Mara River had risen significantly and the Kogatende Bridge became uncrossable.

Thankfully, the cooler weather that comes with the rainy season puts a spring in the step of the wildlife, and so game viewing was still very exciting.

These two zebras engaged in some mutual grooming in the rain, while other species revealed all sorts of behaviour.

Here’s a snapshot of the month:

Lion sightings at Lamai were very good in November. Highlights included a mating pair (photo below), a lioness with three little cubs, and a lioness hunting but just missing a zebra.

The majority of leopard sightings were of a beautiful young female. Here she’s seen gnawing on a piece of dried out hide.

Sightings were consistent and all of the sightings were made up of the usual suspects: the female with two cubs, the female with four sub-adults, and the two brother cheetahs. The brothers were spotted each time in their well-defined territory of the northern plains close to the Kenyan border.

November is in the middle of the short rains, and during the rainy season elephants tend to disperse. The availability of water points increase and elephants no longer need to rely on year-round water sources, in our case the Mara River. Special sightings of elephants this month included two separate occasions of breeding herds of over 100 animals.


Read the full report here: Singita Lamai Wildlife Report November 2015.