Singita Lamai

Lamai | June 2015

The month of June in the Lamai was unusually wet with the first half of the month yielding rainstorms of colossal proportions. The rain patterns of the Serengeti have been rather mercurial this year, seeing the second quarter producing more storm clouds which inevitably dictate the ebb and flow of the Mara River and, so to, the movement of the wildlife. On some mornings the level of the river rose over 60 cm in a matter of hours.

With the paucity of roads in the Lamai Triangle much of the concession was inaccessible for the first half of the month. Many afternoons were spent looking over the plains as ominous clouds thundered towards us
bringing with them the sweet scent of an African tempest. The deluge has however led to the plains flourishing and emanating with emerald hues.

Our lion, cheetah and elephant sightings have been very good – and we even had a rare sighting of a black rhino this month. Other highlights were 12 ground hornbills; a black-backed jackal killing a Thomson gazelle fawn plus two hyenas arriving to steal the kill and sightings of thousands of wildebeest on Nyamalumbwa Plains.


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