Singita Grumeti

Grumeti | February 2013

Long grasses: this is the only way to describe February. After the short rains the grass sprung up at the end of January and continued to stay intact throughout the second month of the year. This had little impact on the game viewing, although it was testing for one’s photography skills… February was also a month full of action, as you will see in this month’s slightly lengthier than usual journal. P.S. Did you spot the creature in the picture above? If not, look again…(It’s no wonder Panthera leos are such stealthy predators!). Adas Anthony was out with his guests, Michael Llewelyn and Deborah Davis, when they came across a single female cheetah. She was hungry and wanting to hunt. They followed her for a short while until she spotted an impala. The cheetah slowly stalked, hidden by the long grass. She finally pounced and a chase ensued, but sadly for the cheetah the impala got away.  The world’s fastest mammal rested for a while after her exertion, but hungry and determined, she recovered and continued her search for food. Adas, Michael and Deborah followed her for the next couple of hours. Some time later she came across a second impala and a chase ensued. But again, the cheetah missed. By this time she had expended her energy to the fullest twice, and the morning was almost over. She would take the remainder of the day to sleep and resume her hunting efforts in the late afternoon, so the group headed back to the lodge. This episode is an extremely accurate depiction of the majority of the Serengeti’s predatory animals’ efforts to obtain food. It is not easy. On average, cheetahs make one kill out of every three attempts.