Singita Grumeti

Grumeti | November 2019

November has been a very exciting month filled with some great sightings of general game and predators alike. We experienced light rains in the late afternoons in the first half of November, and much bigger and longer rains in the second half. The Grumeti River came down in full flow on 24th November after significant rains flooded the soils and flowed into the catchment areas. The Grumeti Reserve is currently covered in lush, short and nutritious grasses.

A sightings snapshot for November:


  • A total of 108 individual sightings were recorded this month.
  • Lion viewing has been consistent and of high quality this month, and there are still various prides on the concession that have cubs currently being raised.


  • A total of 41 individual sightings were recorded this month.
  • We have enjoyed watching a mother leopard raise her two young cubs


  • A total of 35 individual sightings recorded this month.
  • There have been a few different sightings of cheetah mothers with several new additions.


  • A total of 153 individual sightings were recorded this month.


  • A total of 164 spotted hyena were sighted this month.


  • A total of 185 individual sightings were recorded this month.

Plains game

  • Thousands of herbivores are taking advantage of the newly soaked soils and the new growth that they have provided.
  • Large herds of zebras and topis have been seen all over the property, but especially along the Grumeti River and in the western sections near the Kawanga and Gambaranyera plains.


Read the full wildlife report here: Singita Grumeti Wildlife Report November 2019