Singita Grumeti

Grumeti | August 2019

August has been a great month. Many thousands of wildebeest have been utilising the Grumeti grasslands before eventually moving off to the north east through the Ikorongo region. Huge numbers of zebra continue to flood the central areas of the reserve. Perhaps it is the occasional thunder shower keeping them from moving on and the promise of the green flush.

Generally, August has been dry; however, we were lucky to receive localised thunder showers from time to time. The Grumeti River, as you would expect, has been up and down according to the rainfall but Sasakwa Dam continues to dry with water levels dropping quickly. The resident hippo are just able to conceal the majority of their bodies beneath the surface of the water but this may not be for too much longer.

Resident herds of great herbivores remain and the predator sightings are, as always, incredible. On 29 August we observed six wild dogs moving through the Nyati region of the concession. The pack consisted of four adult females and three adult males, and had brought down a wildebeest calf. The dogs were feeding until spotted hyenas moved in and pushed them off the kill. This offered some guests some fantastic wildlife viewing.

Elephant viewing has been good this month with breeding herds utilising Sasakwa Hill and areas just to the east along the Mkomure drainage. The Grumeti River area has also offered fantastic elephant viewing.

A sightings snapshot for August:


  • A total of 119 individual sightings were recorded this month. We have been privileged to witness some really fantastic lion interactions across the prides this month.


  • A total of 35 individual sightings were recorded this month which is yet again an average of over one leopard sighting per day.
  • We had been lucky enough to observe two different mating pairs this month.


  • A total of 28 individual sightings recorded this month.
  • The mother and one of the Nyasirori region continue to do well whilst a large male continues to hunt the Sasakwa plains offering great viewing.


  • A total of 61 individual sightings were recorded this month. Elephant sighting have generally been very good, however, the numbers this month have been a little lower. There is always the possibility to view these animals and quite often one does not need to travel far.


  • A total of 124 individual sightings were recorded this month. The spotted hyenas numbers are healthy as ever and always seem to provide great entertainment for guests with their iconic antics.


  • A total of 117 individual sightings were recorded this month. Herds of 500+ are not uncommon here on the Grumeti Reserve. You certainly will not travel far before bumping into the next herd of black masses.


Read the full wildlife report here: Singita Grumeti Wildlife Report – August 2019