Singita Grumeti

Grumeti | September 2019

September has been a fantastic month and always a favourite with the prospect of the first rains. We have had some reasonable showers this month which has brought about some very good pasture.

Many thousands of zebra, topi and wildebeest have remained here due to the plentiful green graze available and, even towards the end of the month, we continued to see columns of wildebeest streaming in from the east. Plains wildlife viewing has been phenomenal with the sheer numbers of herbivores flooding the grasslands. The topi are currently calving and the Sabora plains are covered with the little new editions. The eland sightings are fantastic with herds being sighted all over the reserve as they push out onto the grasslands with the plentiful rainfall.

I am also pleased to report that serval and aardwolf sightings have been recorded this month.

Here’s a sightings snapshot for September:


  • A total of 126 individual sightings were recorded this month.
  • There have been some fantastic interactions observed on Sasakwa Hill with Butamtam lionesses and youngsters spending a large amount of time close to the lodge.
  • Both the Raho and Rubana drainage lines have been productive this month with the West Pride and Nyasirori Pride members being observed regularly.


  • A total of 38 individual sightings were recorded this month which is yet again an average of over one leopard sighting per day.
  • We have been observing a very large male active on Sasakwa hill and the valleys close by.
  • As usual we have been observing good leopard sightings on both the Grumeti River and Mbogo drainage, just north of Faru Faru Camp.


  • A total of 25 individual sightings recorded this month.
  • The large male of the Sasakwa plains has provided guests with some great viewing, often observed hunting on the grasslands below Sasakwa Lodge.


  • There have been good breeding herd numbers here on the Grumeti Reserve this month.
  • We have had some great sightings of very mature bulls on the Sasakwa grasslands offering some awesome viewing.


  • Spotted hyenas have been particularly active on the Nyati plains and the Nyasirori regions.
  • Large clan numbers were observed hunting wildebeest which provided some very exciting viewing for guests.


  • A total of 137 individual sightings were recorded this month.
  • As always the buffalo viewing is rewarding with large herds dotted throughout the concession.
  • The Rubana drainage offers fantastic buffalo bull viewing, each face telling a different story.


Read the full wildlife report here: Singita Grumeti Wildlife Report – September 2019