Singita Grumeti

Lamai | October 2018

Several huge thunderstorms were experienced during the month, bringing a nice green flush to the plains, as can be seen in this image of a
warthog with her litter of piglets.

Here’s an overview of some of the greatest stars in our show:

The migration: The plains of the Lamai Wedge were covered with mega herds of wildebeest, zebra, eland and Thomson’s gazelles. Each and every day we experienced dramatic wildebeest crossings. With these crossings we witnessed crocodiles hunting the wildebeest as they attempted to cross the Mara River. Most of the crossing are happening just downstream of the camp, from the northern bank to the southern bank.

Lions: Two different prides, each consisting of more than 10 members are sighted almost daily, feeding on fresh wildebeest carcasses. The first pride consists of two big males, five lionesses and eight sub-adult cubs. They hold the territory along Kenyangaga thicket, north west of camp. The second pride consists of three big males, four lionesses and four young cubs. They are seen between Palm Valley and Kigelia Thicket. A mating pair was seen for several days downstream of the Kogatende Bridge.

Hyenas: The area has several huge hyena clans which are having a field day with the migration being around. In this area the hyena are very successful hunters as they chase down any wounded or injured animals. Elsewhere they tend to scavenge more, but here they ensure that the weak and injured are eliminated, and only the strongest of the wildebeest gene pool survive.

Leopards: A mother with three cubs was seen frequently on the northern side of Kogatende Airstrip. Another highlight was a mating pair spotted just upstream from Daraja Mbili. They were seen for a few days which contributed to such an amazing game viewing scene.

Cheetahs: As with previous months, the majority of the cheetah sightings this month was made up by the two males which frequent the Lamai Triangle. The guides do not have to work too hard to find them as they spend a great deal of their time in the area between to Kenya/Tanzania border.

Elephants: Elephants were seen on a daily basis throughout the month. Numerous breeding herds with their youngsters were seen drinking along the Mara River and, on the odd occasion, they were seen crossing the river.

Rhinos: We were lucky enough to see a mother and sub-adult calf near the confluence of Mara and Sand Rivers.

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