Singita Grumeti

Grumeti | December 2015

Festive season greetings to you, from the wilds of Tanzania! Let’s cut to the chase and review the month’s wildlife sightings.

Cheetahs: As per last month the majority of cheetah sightings have been made up of the mother and her two eight-month-old cubs. They’ve moved towards Sabora as there is a large amount of Thompson’s gazelle in the area. Two young males have come into our concession, with them first being sighted near Faru Faru.

Lions: Lion sighting have been very good this month and due to the number of vehicles out on drive they have been seen almost every day. With the majority of the plains game being out west, the lions have followed, so a great deal of the sightings have been in the western sector. The five young males have been seen around Sabora throughout the month, so it looks like they the three dominant males have not pushed them any further westThe Butamtam females and their sub-adult cubs are moving between Sasakwa dam and Serengeti road, with them having killed several buffalo due to the majority of herbivores out west. The Nyasirori and Ridge prides were also seen often in the Sabora area.

Leopards: With all the lodges being so busy the leopard sightings have been very good this month. Tulia and her cubs have been seen on a regular basis along the Sabora drainage line, on a few occasions they have been seen with impala kills up the numerous sausage trees that line the drainage. The dominant male around Faru Faru and Grumeti west drainage has also been seen on a regular basis.


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