Singita Sabi Sand

Sabi Sand | April 2011

April proved to be another fantastic month of game viewing. The 6 members of the Southern Pride of lions continued what they started in March and throughout the month if one located the large herd of buffalo, the Southern Pride would likely be found close by, following the scent of the buffalo. These young males, accompanied by the single lioness, spent the majority of the month on the Singita property. This culminated in them coming face to face with the 3 remaining Mapogo male lions in the last week of the month following which they moved further south. I have written a full account of the confrontation below.

At the end of March it was clear that winter was approaching and the vegetation started taking on a distinct brown tinge. During the first two weeks of April, however, there was further rain which seemed to rejuvenate the savannah, resulting in a renewed green flush.