Singita Sabi Sand

Sabi Sand | May 2012

After a lengthy period during which time no-one saw a cheetah in the Sabi Sand excitement was high this winter when a young male cheetah suddenly made an appearance, and provided some excellent viewing.  A beautiful specimen, estimated to be about three years old, this cheetah was first seen a little way to our east in late May, and since then has been seen regularly, particularly in the more open areas of south-eastern Ravenscourt and eastern Castleton.  The areas around Mhlwareni Dam, Triangle Pan and 40k Pan are absolutely ideal for cheetah, and it is no surprise that this individual has taken a liking to these parts. It seems as if this male cheetah is quite a “showman”, and almost seems to enjoy the attention of a couple of game drive vehicles now and again.  He has been seen to “pose” beautifully, climbing fallen trees, loping easily from one prominent termite mound to another.