Singita Sabi Sand

Sabi Sand | February 2012

Sometimes we need to take a closer look at the smaller creatures that are often forgotten or overlooked.  The daily activities of many of these creatures play an essential role in keeping our eco systems in balance.  As we drive or walk around the bush and lodges we are constantly looking for the large beasts and hardly bat an eyelid at their unobtrusive neighbours.  Luckily for us, summer brings forth a multitude of amazing and interesting opportunities to take full advantage of looking for some of the smaller creatures. I wish to enlighten our readers on a few species of our “Eight legged Beauties” that are currently plentiful in the Sabi Sand.  Worldwide, approximately 34,000 spider species from 109 families have been recorded. In Southern Africa there are over 64 families of spiders represented which include more than 3800 different species and probably many more still to be described.  Many of our guests would have seen the amazing yellow coloured bridge lines and spiraled netting of the Female Golden Orb-web Spiders with the brightly coloured architect resting in the centre. These spiders occupy a niche which is not utilised by many other spiders.