Singita Sabi Sand

Sabi Sand | August 2012

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly things can change in the bush, and this specific afternoon once again proved the unpredictability of the African bush.  We were just finishing off our drinks break, having watched the sun set over the Drakensberg (always an amazing scene to see, with each day’s sunset different).  We had just started driving away when Sandile told me that he had heard a leopard…so I switched off the vehicle in hope to maybe hear his rasping call again to gain a direction. Then with the amazing skills that Sandile possesses, he spotted the leopard about 200m down the road crossing into thick vegetation.  We quickly moved into position and followed him for a while. As the last light was just about to leave us over the horizon, this majestic male leopard we call “Mashabene male” scaled a large termite mound, which they use a lot of the time to obtain a decent vantage point, but this time he had heard something that we weren’t able to hear.  Unaware of what his intensions were, we got the last couple of photographs of this magnificent male on the termite mound with the sun going down in the background.  We were just about to head back to the lodges, when all of a sudden, a big cloud of dust popped up on the other side of the termite mound and there emanated a squeal that could be heard from far away.