Singita Sabi Sand

Sabi Sand | October 2011

Every year, as part of a veld management policy, a piece of Singita Sabi Sand needs to be burned.  Different areas obviously get burned in different years.  Fire can be a devastating natural force, but it can also be a most useful management tool.  What is of key importance, obviously, is the timing of the burn.  Ideally, one needs to burn at the beginning of the rainy season, so that there is quick regrowth of new green grass as soon after the burn as possible.  Typically, our environmental management team will wait until the first decent spring rains have fallen, and burn immediately after that. This is what happened this year – a decent rain fell in the beginning of October, and over the next two days, the team put in their block burns. These burns were very successful and, because the ground was still damp from the rain, a little flush of green started coming through almost immediately.  Furthermore, a really good thunderstorm followed on Saturday 15 October.