Singita Sabi Sand

Sabi Sand | December 2012

Colours of summer are always inspiring and seem to simply lift the spirit. The skies are filled with massive clouds and it contrasts strikingly with the green horizon. One thing that we’re no longer short of is water. All the pans are full to the brim, and puddles abound. The animals don’t have to look too far to quench their thirst, and some days reach forty degrees Celsius. Pictured below is a sight some only dream of. The male kudu represents power and royalty for many African people. Seeing seven of these magnificent beasts walking together in open grassland is pure bliss. Their spiralling horns spear the air and together they seem like a battalion ready to do battle. Leopards are without a doubt one of the most elusive carnivores in Africa. Their flawlessly camouflaged coat seems to merge with the thick Sabi Sand undergrowth. Imagine our surprise as we rounded a corner and right there next to the road were these two beautiful leopards.