Short rains

Grumeti | February 2017

The non-arrival of the ‘short rains’ at the end of last year definitely had an influence on migratory species, who maintained their presence through the first number of weeks of the month. We continued to have terrific sightings of predator/prey interactions. But for me, the most spectacular scene is out on the grassy plains, seeing them filled with thousands of wildebeest and topi, side-by-side with zebra, eland and Thompsons gazelles (to mention but a few) is nothing short of breath-taking.

The latter part of February brought some rain which we took to be an early start of the long rains which were welcomed with relief. The dry plains slowly but surely began to green up and transformed the vast views from Sasakwa lodge’s lofty perch.

I find it a real pity that Grumeti isn’t frequented by more guests during this traditionally quieter time of the year. We have had another bumper month of game viewing this February. In fact, we have undoubtedly smashed the record for cheetah sightings over the twenty eight day period, but more on that later.