Sea of grass

Pamushana | April 2016

April safaris took place in a sea of grass that engulfed the wildlife, washed over the plains and rolled in waves with the wind. It’s so late in the season and is thanks to the soaking March rains we’d expected in November.This green lifecraft should hopefully take us to safety over the long dry winter that’s on the horizon.

The grasses lent a wispy frame to many of the mega fauna species:

The female nyala’s coat stands out against the gravel road, but to a predator it mimics the shafts of light between blades of grass. Remember, nocturnal predators like leopards and lions see well in low light but don’t see the range of colours we do. They see more in shades of grey, and the stripes and dots of this coat pattern disrupt the 3D form and look like an area of dappled light.

It’s heart-warming to see a long-legged young animal frolicking about – especially in long grass when they have to leap over the ticklish fronds. This wildebeest was frisking about, doing just that.

However, you really cannot take any chances at this time of year. Have a look at the photo on the following page, and see if you can spot one of the two predators that were lying in wait…