Road block

Pamushana | June 2018

We had an action-packed afternoon with a breeding herd of about 30 elephants, north of Sosiji. A little calf had wandered off from his mom, and found himself on the wrong side of the road as we came along. Full of cheek and bravado he stood in the middle of the track, flapped his ears and swooshed his trunk at us. His mother and aunts materialised seemingly out of nowhere, and quickly closed ranks around him.

Things became quite intense then as they gathered force and slowly advanced on where I’d stopped the vehicle and switched off the engine. After much smelling of our scent and assessing if we were a threat or not they eventually moved off the road, walked past us and carried on feeding. Being surrounded by a breeding herd of elephants is no time to get too big for your boots – you just need to be quiet and calm and appreciate the awe-inspiring moments.