Predators a plenty

Grumeti | May 2017

May started off relatively slowly with regards to the number of general game seen across the reserve, but certainly ended off with a bang! As always during this time of the year the big question is, “When will the migration arrive?” This year the date was 21 May. At first it was a steady trickle and by the 23rd the majority of the migration had filled the plains across our concession.

Currently they are heading in a westerly direction towards the south-west of the Serengeti National Park and we expect them to be within our concession for the next couple of months as they slowly start their way towards the Masai Mara plains.

With the migration being here, it’s a time of plenty for our resident predators! Many of our guests have been lucky enough to see several kills as the predators cash in on the numerous wildebeest moving through the territory.