Sabi Sand | December 2017

Often we forget to look at animals from their perspective. Both physically, and photographically. We seem to sub-consciously make ourselves seem bigger when we are in a vehicle viewing these animals.

This suddenly changes when you are off the vehicle without an elevated advantage and you seem to understand that you, as a human, may be very small compared to the animals you view.

Regularly we mistake the size of an animal on foot and seem to refer to them being males simply because they look big.

Beside the fact that we aren’t as big as everything else around us, we should also take into consideration what animals see us as. Imagine being a chameleon or a tortoise where your perspective is based very close to the ground – everything must seem huge.

Sometimes just viewing these animals from their perspective opens up your mind as to what they might perceive us to be. So getting down and dirty opens up this perspective and gives you an idea of what they might be seeing.