Our spotted golden girl

Pamushana | November 2018

The first time we saw this female leopard she was with her mom on an impala kill in the tall grass. She was very small and when her mom left her alone at the carcass to go and drink at the nearby spring, the leopard cub didn’t mind us and carried on feeding, completely undisturbed by our presence.

Now, we see her on a regular basis, always around the Banyini area. We often see her in broad daylight, sitting on the edge of the open plains under a thick bush, while surveying the scene.

On this particular occasion, from very far away, we spotted a herd of buffalo emerging from the mopane forest. As we drove a little bit closer to have a better look at this herd of two or three hundred on their way to the spring, we spotted her. She was as intrigued as we were by this huge herd, kicking up clouds of dust as far as we could see through the forest. As the herd passed by, the sun was getting closer to its zenith and she walked off into the forest, most probably to find a nice patch of shade to spend the rest of the day.