Ostrich Family

Sabi Sand | November 2019

During the course of the last seven years ostriches were generally a scarcity in the Singita Sabi Sand region. A single female ostrich wandered the open grasslands in the south and she soon become a highlight to a game drive. This was mainly due to her trying to flirt with the vehicles unbeknown that there were no male ostriches in the back seats! Until last year, a tall, dark and very handsome looking male ostrich strolled in. It did not take long before a clutch of eggs was found in an open clearing. The chicks wobbled around and explored their new surroundings. This turned out to be quite the find. Within a few months they were known as the ‘Ostrich Family’ when sighted. Often guests would want to find the wobble of ostriches (believe it or not that is the collective noun for a group of ostriches), specifically knowing the history of the lonely female over so many years. This year we have been bowled over with another successful clutch of eggs. With the bush news spreading like a gin and tonic being shared on a hot afternoon, we soon were looking for the ‘Ostrich Family’ once again.