Not so plain

Pamushana | July 2017

As a photographer and nature lover there is nothing better to be up and about before sunrise and capturing the moments as the first rays of light shine on your subject. Be sure to expose for the brightest area of the photograph, so as to avoid blown out highlights.

This herd of impalas was grouped together, as they do, to decrease their chance of attack. They leap and scatter in all directions when being attacked to confuse the predator.

On the following page, the kudu male with the spiralling horns, slowly left the dense area of bush where it had concealed itself during the night, and a female followed.

When a kudu senses danger, it becomes motionless. Its body colour blends with the environment and its lateral stripes break up the form of its body – both of these evolutionary adaptations results in predators not being able to spot them too easily.