Moments of beauty

Pamushana | September 2020

Over the 1st and 2nd of September we had an average of 27 mm of rain across the Malilangwe Reserve. This was an early quenching that in many different ways, was very welcome. This moisture was just enough to set off a beautiful flush that brought about the spectacular colours of spring.

Since that early rain, we have not had any other of any real significance but the vegetation continues to green up on a daily basis. At this particular time a large number of Combretums and Vachellia are flowering, which the giraffes have been devouring.

The flowers, in the photograph are from a species of shrub called sand ochna (Ochna barbosae). This is a plant that is unlikely to be noticed for most of the year but for these two weeks now when it is impossible not to notice these beautiful yellow blooms.