Grumeti | October 2017

It’s been yet another great month for lion sightings across the reserve, with a total of 166 sightings seen.

The majority of these sightings were made up by the Butamtam, Nyasarori and West prides, each of these prides having over 30 lions each.

The Butamtam pride continues to provide guests with some incredible. On a few occasions this month over 23 members were seen together. We are starting to see a definite shift in the pride makeup, with five females and their nine cubs spending a great deal of their time between Karoya Hill and Chooi Drainage, whilst the seven females and their 12 cubs have taken up residence on Sasakwa Plains and Malingai Drainage. The five males move between these two sets of females as well as the Mkuyu pride.

The Nyasarori pride has welcomed two news cubs of approximately six weeks of age.

As with previous months the pride is seen regularly along the Raho Drainage.

The West pride continues to spent the time along the Raho Drainage downstream of our Singita Explore camps. Guests staying at these camps are treated to the roars of the pride each night.