Leopards of Grumeti

Grumeti | January 2019

I saw this female leopard at the beginning of the Raho Drainage with a large male Thompson’s gazelle kill. She stayed with her kill in this tree for three days, peacefully basking in the glory of having a constant meal to eat. On the third day, however, the Butamtam Pride (which has a total of 18 members) walked towards the leopard’s tree seeking some shade to cool down.

The leopard saw the lions approaching, and slowly slinked down the tree and sped off in the opposite direction. As the pride arrived they caught a woft of the gazelle in the tree and one lioness climbed up the tree and brought the kill down and shared it with only one sub-adult. The rest of the members were left fighting over what was left, but received none!

A second female leopard was found on Grumeti North Drainage. She had been walking along the drainage and clocked two young male lions walking towards hers, so she made a swift retreat to this nearby tree and spent the entire day up there.