Interesting Bird Sightings

Grumeti | February 2019

Here’s a look at the interesting bird sightings that we have had this month.

Sightings in order of gallery:

  • White Backed Vultures resting in a dead tree. We have seen huge numbers of Vultures moving off the reserve as they temporarily follow the migratory Wildebeest to the South.
  • Always great to see the Southern Ground Hornbills and we have been fortunate enough to see good numbers this month.
  • The Helmeted Guinea Fowl have been particularly busy this month.
  • Spur Winged Goose on Sasakwa Dam.
  • The lovely endemic Grey Crested Helmet Shrike have been busy raising young and are seen regularly on Sasakwa Hill.
  • Influxes of Lesser Kestrels have been with us this month making the most of the unlimited supplies of insects on the grasslands.
  • The secretive Pygmy Kingfisher sighted on the Rubana drainage at the base of Sasakwa Hill being a real treat for the month.