A hidden treasure revealed

Pamushana | February 2016

Another ‘concentration of sightings’ scene occurred one afternoon, after we’d covered quite some distance without seeing much in the way of wildlife. All grouped together were some buffalo, zebra and a white rhino. We stopped in the shade and watched them for a while, then noticed that one buffalo cow’s behaviour seemed restless and anxious.

What we saw lying at her hooves, was a new-born calf. It was still wet and was yet to stand and suckle.

She must have given birth as we arrived and now wanted her baby to get up and away from what she perceived as potential danger.

We soon left – but not before we witnessed these tender moments of the mother nuzzling her newborn, licking it, and trying to help it to its feet.

As we slipped away rejoicing in the birth of this baby we saw it up on all four wobbly legs and tottering after its mother. It had achieved this milestone at only about 20 minutes into its life.